Preventing the theft of turtle eggs

A (Q.1 of 6) The letter can be used once only

Humans have been eating sea turtle eggs (and killing adult turtles for meat) for millennia. However, as human populations exploded and as sea turtles began to confront additional threats such as intensive fishing, beach development and climate change, sea turtle populations declined precipitously. Today, all but one of the world’s seven species of sea turtles are considered threatened according to the IUCN* Red List. And the one that’s not – the flatback turtle – is listed as data deficient, which means scientists simply don’t know how it’s doing.

List of Headings

i Developing an item that appears true to life

ii Extending the project to other endangered species

iii A short but intensive investigation with longer-term follow-up

iv Problems facing sea turtles at a global level

v Collection of eggs and their possible onward routes

vi Intensive and large-scale poaching in one location

vii Why catching the poachers may not solve the problem

Source: Cambridge IELTS Practice Book-15 Test-2