The proposal had been being reviewed by the committee before the meeting.

The roof will have been repaired by them by the time the rain starts.


Everyone at the gallery was admiring the painting.

All computers must have the new software installed.


More responsibilities could have been given to her if dedication had been shown.

Multiple publishers had rejected the manuscript.

A bridge is being constructed across the river.

The company had not been disclosing its financial troubles to the public.

Your umbrella might have been taken by someone by mistake.

By next year, they will have been developing the new technology for a decade.


The research paper should have been submitted to the journal by now.

It was believed that the rare gemstone had been found in the cave.

The stock market had been expected to crash, but it remained stable.

People thought he was the most talented musician in the city.

Thousands of tourists have visited the ancient ruins.


By the time we got there, the play had already been performed.

A larger corporation might acquire the company soon.

Using a different approach, the problem should be solved.


She would be elected as the leader if given the chance.


We will submit the final version of the report to the committee tomorrow.