Vishal English IELTS & PTE

Coaching Institute

Yamunanagar Haryana

SINCE 1999


Ex Lecturer in English 

M.Phil., Ph.D. (English), BCCIT, London (UK)

Stories in English 

How Stories Help Improve Your English

Watching and listening to stories in English can be particularly beneficial for improving your IELTS score, as it targets multiple skills assessed in the exam, including listening and speaking. Here's how:

To make the most of watching and listening to stories for IELTS preparation, try to expose yourself to a variety of English accents and genres, take notes on key vocabulary and phrases, practice summarizing and discussing the stories with others, and simulate exam conditions by listening to audio recordings and speaking responses aloud. Incorporating these activities into your study routine can help enhance your listening and speaking skills and ultimately improve your IELTS score.