IELTS Reading

Tips & Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Which question type should I answer first?

Answer: Matching Headings

2. Question: Why Matching Headings?

Answer: To answer matching-heading type, you need to read the text in detail, which can help you develop a general idea about the text.

3. Question: How can I improve my reading?

Answer: By improving your vocabulary and reading as much as you can.

4. Question: What should I read?

Answers: Read what interests you the most. It could be about sports, Bollywood, politics, or anything else.

5. Question: Is reading the topics of my interest enough?

Answer: No, use strategies such as skimming, scanning, paraphrasing, and looking for synonyms and antonyms.

6. Question: Are there reliable sites where I can practise IELTS reading?

Answer: Yes, Click for Official IELTS Reading Practice: Academic

7. Question: Can I practise reading level-wise?

Answer: Yes, Click to visit Cambridge Assessment Reading.

8. Question: Can I attend free IELTS preparation webinars?

Answer: Yes, click to register

9. Question: Where can I find IELTS General Training Reading Test-paper?

Answer: Click to access