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 A Smart Ass

In a small village, a donkey worked for a potter. His job was very tough. He had to carry heavy loads every day. The potter was harsh, and often hit the donkey with a stick.

One day, the donkey’s cousin from a nearby village visited. The donkey was happy to see him, and shared his food. The cousin liked it there, and decided to stay for a few days.

The next day, the potter loaded the donkey with a heavy burden, and started hitting him. The cousin was shocked to see this.

In the evening, the cousin asked, “Brother, is this how he treats you every day?”

The donkey replied with a smile, “Yes, cousin. He beats me every day.”

His cousin asked, “Why don’t you leave then? What’s keeping you here?”

The donkey replied, “The potter has a beautiful daughter.”

His cousin interrupted, “What do you mean?”

The donkey explained, “Whenever she makes a mistake, the potter threatens to marry her to me. That’s why I’m staying. I see a bright future here!”

The cousin laughed out loud. He spoke laughingly, “Brother, you’re being foolish. The potter will never marry his daughter to you.”

The moral of the story is that we should be realistic. We should not waste our time waiting for impossible things to happen.