Person A: Hey! I've been contemplating organizing a surprise picnic for our friend, but I'm uncertain about how to keep it a secret.

Person B: Oh, that sounds like a fantastic idea! You must start by figuring out a date that works for everyone. You could discreetly inquire when people might be free.

Person A: That's a good idea. I might send some messages to our friend's close circle and see which date would suit most people. 

Also, I must check if our friend would be free and would enjoy a surprise picnic.

Person B: Absolutely. You should ask casually about their plans. You could plan the picnic based on what they like. It would make it more special.

Person A: I was thinking of finding a nice spot, but I'm not sure which one would be the best. I must thoroughly research and get some recommendations.

Person B: Good idea. You could reach out to people who've organized successful picnics for suggestions. 

You should also check online reviews; they might provide insights into what to expect.

Additionally, you could visit the parks personally to see which one feels right.

Person A: I might also need to consider the budget. I don't want to overspend, but I still want it to be a great celebration.

Person B: True, you must create a budget and carefully consider where you could save money without compromising the quality of the picnic. 

You should also ask friends if they'd be willing to contribute financially or assist with preparations.

Person A: I should definitely do that. I might need to ask others to help make everything more manageable. 

I also want to make sure our friend doesn't find out about the picnic beforehand.