100 Essay Sentences

Important Adjectives



Consequences, circumstances, effects, events, impact, reaction

Essay Sentence:

There are several choices to consider when it comes to protecting consumers from the adverse consequences of advertising. One of the choices is that the advertising business should be strictly regulated by governments.

Essay Types: Government, Business, Job Opportunity, Media and advertisement




Academic demand, description, information, method

Essay Sentence:

It is the primary responsibility of schools to pay close attention to accurate academic demands in order to improve the syllabus that pupils find difficult to understand.

Essay Types: School, children, education (Academics)




Advantage, effort, improvement, pressure, progress

Essay Sentence:

The rise of artificial intelligence has resulted in a considerable increase in unemployment, particularly among low-wage workers.

Essay Types: Employment, Technology, Job




Issue, problem, process, relationship, structure, system

Essay Sentence:

The book explains complicated concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

Essay Types: Education, Language, Art, Reading




Decision, issue, role, step

Essay Sentence:

The intake of a balanced diet is crucial to children's physical health and emotional well-being.

Essay Types: Health, Children, Food and Diet, Sport and Exercise






State, condition, affairs, issues, news stories, operations, policy, trends

Essay Sentence:

It is undeniable that industrialised and wealthy countries are to blame for the current state of our ecosystem.

Essay Types: Economy, Country, Environment, Society, Tourism





Activities, behaviour, penalty, record

Essay Sentence:

People who do not have enough money to make ends meet may be tempted to engage in criminal activities.

Essay Types: Crime, Relationships, Work, Business




Background, development, tradition, values, activities

Essay Sentence:

International travellers should be aware of the cultural values of the host country. Essay Types: Transport, Tourism, Culture




Activity, basis, diet, routine, life

Essay Sentence:

The development of technology has had a tremendous impact on people's daily lives.

Essay Types: Technology, Society, Work, Family, Health




Communication, interaction, means, methods, solutions

Essay Sentence:

The most common view is that imprisonment is the most effective solution to the problem of crime.

Essay Types:  Crime, Society, Government





Progress, depression, development, policy, growth

Essay Sentence:

It is generally accepted that a country's development is measured by the economic


Essay Types: Economy, Development, Tourism





Service, solution, fuel-efficient

Essay Sentence:

People may switch to fuel-efficient vehicles or reduce their non-essential travel.

Essay Types: Transport, Government, Pollution




Activist, awareness, change, damage, problem, study

Essay Sentence:

To begin with, taking public transportation helps save the environment.

Essay Types: Transport, Environment, Work, Government




Attachment, impact, needs, state, support

Essay Sentence:

There are numerous flaws in computer-based education, including its failure to address students' emotional needs.

Essay Types: Technology, Education




Approval, decision, product

Essay Sentence:

The final solution is to initiate public awareness campaigns about environmental damage.

Essay Types: Government, Environment, Society




Fast-paced society, development, food, friends, growth, learners, speed

Essay Sentence:

Modern technology has found its own position in a fast-paced society.

Essay Types: Society, Technology



Colour, food, music, pastime, place, restaurant, song, story, subject

Essay Sentence:

Students who simply study their favourite subjects can save a significant amount of money because they do not need to spend money on purchasing books on other subjects.

Essay Types: Education, Money, Children




Diet, body, environment

Essay Sentence:

People's physical and psychological well-being can be improved by adopting a healthy lifestyle and having positive attitudes towards life.


Due to the harmful nature of many popular fast-food menu items, their excess intake can contribute to obesity.


Fast food can increase a person's risk of weight gain and other health issues.

Essay Types: Health, Food




Approach, idea, solution, suggestion, technique, method, technology

Essay Sentence:

Online education is a positive development for both teachers and students who adopt this innovative change.

Essay Types: Education, The Internet




Aspects, differences, issues, role

Essay Sentence:

Excellence in the field of technology plays an important part in the overall development of a country.

Essay Types: Development, Technology




Travel, business, competition, market, standards, airport, language, tourism

Essay Sentence:

International travel opens doors to new business opportunities all across the world.

Essay Types: Tourism, Business




Shops, area, authorities, community, government, newspapers, people, companies

Essay Sentence:

Due to the fact that consumers prefer to purchase in malls, the number of small local shops has decreased in recent years.

Essay Types: Society, Business




Age, art, era, people, society, life

Essay Sentence:

In modern life, mobile phones have become a necessity.

Essay Types: Technology, The Internet




Education, duty, issues, value, responsibility, obligation, lessons

Essay Sentence:

Moral education, in my opinion, should become an integral part of modern education. 

Essay Types: Society, Education, Crime





Aspect, consequence, effect, feedback, publicity, reaction, result, side

Essay Sentence:

It is undeniable that the use of computers has a negative effect on children's physical and mental development.

Essay Types: Health, The Internet





Duty, guidance, involvement, role, support

Essay Sentence:

An obvious solution to the problem of children's poor eating habits is parental guidance.

Essay Types: Health, Food




Environment, evening, experience, memory, smile, surrounding

Essay Sentence:

Working with like-minded people is always a pleasant experience.

High salaries make people feel more pleasant and satisfied at work.

Essay Types: Work, Job





Residents, property damage, employment, jobs, addresses

Essay Sentence:

Permanent residents of many developed nations are provided with healthcare free of charge.

Essay Types: Health, Government




System, issues, group, leader, pressure, reform

Essay Sentence:

The economic condition of a country can not be improved without the support of an efficient political system.

Essay Types: Government, Economy




Approach, experience, problem, reality, solution

Essay Sentence:

Lessons taught by friends to young people are more practical and more personal than the lessons taught by their parents.

It is practically proven that fast food and processed food lack vitamins and can cause obesity.

Essay Types: Fast-food, Education, Teaching




Attitude, change, effect, impact

Essay Sentence:

There is no doubt that the growth of international tourism has benefited both visitors and the host country.

Essay Types: Tourism




Life, advice, conduct, education, jobs, qualifications, skills.

Essay Sentence:

Employees can spend more time with their families and maintain a healthy professional and personal life balance by reducing their working hours.

Essay Types: Employment, Business, Family




Debate, education, health, interest, transport

Essay Sentence:

It is advised that public funds should be directed to projects which benefit the public immediately, rather than to the arts.

Essay Types: Public Funds, Arts, Government Policies




Benefits, disorders, harm, problems, stress

Essay Sentence:

The role of the arts in modern life is to entertain people with psychological benefits, such as relief from stress.

Essay Types: Entertainment, Stress, Arts




Data, documents, information, qualifications

Essay Sentence:

It is a fact that it is impossible to become a doctor without a relevant degree.


Essay Types: Formal Education VS Experience




Decline, growth, improvement, increase, rate, rise

Essay Sentence:

Air travel has become a cost-effective means of transportation due to the rapid development of the freight-transport business.

Essay Types: Entertainment, Stress, Arts, Transport





Achievement, discovery, improvement, performance, tolerance, tribute

Essay Sentence:

E-books have become a favourite for young learners because of their ability to teach a subject through pictures and videos.

Essay Types: Digital books, Internet books, E-books, Technology, Education




Area, community, development, economy, population, society

Essay Sentence:

The crime rate in metropolitan areas is higher than in rural areas.

Essay Types: Crime and law






Concern, effect, issue, problem, threat, accident

Essay Sentence:

Loud noise in the cities sometimes leads to mental health problems for urban citizens.

Essay Types: City life VS Rural Life, Stress, Noise Pollution, Modernization, Health




Activity, occupation

Essay Sentence:

Successful people usually have the ability to work in a hard-working, stressful and ever-changing environment.

Essay Types: Environment, Businessman, Stress




Awareness, background, development, justice, responsibility, life, media

Essay Sentence:

To address the issues of corruption/water scarcity/environmental harm, the government and individuals must collaborate to raise social awareness.

Essay Types: Corruption, Environment, Government, Water Scarcity, Social Awareness




Argument, criticism, feeling, influence, opinion, relationship

Essay Sentence:

There are strong arguments that homeschooling is the best way to achieve a child's overall development, including physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

Essay Types: Child development, Homeschooling




Mode of transport, accommodation, job, place, site, environment

Essay Sentence:

It is generally considered that air is the only suitable mode of transport for long distance trips.

Essay Types: Transport




Knowledge, funds, protection, reason, support, time, understanding

Essay Sentence:

I agree with people who feel that schools are places where pupils are provided with sufficient knowledge and useful social skills.

Essay Types: School, Education, Children, Teachers, Online Education, Homeschooling





Accommodation, basis, problem, source

Essay Sentence:

Increasing the price of petrol is only a temporary and controversial way to control the traffic and pollution problems.

Essay Types: Traffic Congestion, Pollution, Increasing Taxes, Problem-Solution Essay.




Diet, weather

Essay Sentence:

My typical diet consists of fruits and vegetables.

Essay Types: Food, Health, Vegetarian Diet





Approach, family, medicine, method, role, society, style, value, view, way

Essay Sentence:

Educationists are now speculating about the Internet's potential to replace traditional schools.

Essay Types: Tradition, School, Education, The Internet




Advice, information, source, application

Essay Sentence:

Becoming a useful citizen of society is a milestone in a student's life.

Essay Types: Society, Education, Student’s Life




Culture, society, world

Essay Sentence:

Western culture has gradually permeated into the Indian way of life.

Essay Types: Culture, International Influence





Age, children, couples, generation, offenders, people

Essay Sentence:

Instead of spending quality time with their families, young children choose to spend the majority of their time on their phones.

Essay Types: Youngsters, Mobile Phone, The Internet, Technology

Important Verbs



Quality, decisions, behaviour, life

Essay Sentence:

The excessive use of the internet negatively affects youngsters' behaviour in the family and society.

Essay Types: Internet, Technology, Children, Family




Success, goal, target, aim, growth

Essay Sentence:

Most people have to work day in and day out to achieve success in their career. 

Essay Types: Employment, Social Security, Society





Budget, time, funds, seats, work

Essay Sentence:

It is advised that more funds should be allocated for infrastructural development.

Essay Types: Transport, Economy, Development





Status, degree, position, goals

Essay Sentence:

A university degree does not guarantee a high-paying job in the real world.

Essay Types: Education, Employment, Work





Plan, idea, policy, method, strategy

Essay Sentence:

The strategy for addressing India's unemployment problem needs to be revised.

 Essay Types: Employment, Work




Subject, matter, problem, issue

Essay Sentence:

To prevent additional climatic damage, the problem of environmental deterioration must be addressed at the earliest.

Essay Types: Climate, Environment, Industrialization





Income, morale, the economy, profit, confidence

Essay Sentence:

A considerable boost to the global economy will be required in the Post-Covid period. 

Essay Types: Economy, Globalization




Drugs, poaching, weapons, advertising

Essay Sentence:

A stricter ban on poaching might save many species of animals from becoming extinct.

If poaching continues at its current rate for the next several years, several animal species will become extinct.

Essay Types: Animals, Environment




A problem, emission, attempt, growth

Essay Sentence:

To address the problem of illiteracy, more effective policymaking is required.

Essay Types: Education, Society, Government, Illiteracy




Damages, pain, problems, accidents

Essay Sentence:

The tremendous rise in crime has resulted in numerous law and order problems.

Essay Types: Law and Order, Crime, Government, Unemployment







Evidence, rent, data, information

Essay Sentence:

The information collected from several surveys conducted around the globe on the effects of neglected parenting helps explain children's estranged behaviour.

Essay Type: Parenting, Child Care, Youngsters, Parents





Appointment, booking, meeting, trip, agreement

Essay Sentence:

In light of the weather predictions, I would prefer to cancel my trip to Yamunanagar.

Essay Types: Letter Writing (General)




Debate, examination, experiment, research, surveys

Essay Sentence:

According to an ICFA study, excessive internet use has a negative impact on children's social conduct.

Essay Types: Internet, Technology, Children, Family




Idea, issue, matter, problem, situation

Essay Sentence:

The benefits and drawbacks of technological advancements will be discussed/ examined in the following paragraphs.

Essay Types: Technology, Internet




Ecosystem, forest, hope, industry, life

Essay Sentence:

The emission of harmful gases is rapidly destroying the Earth’s atmosphere, causing unpredictable climatic conditions.

Essay Types: Climate, Environment, Pollution, Industrialization




Environment, performance, quality, value

Essay Sentence:

Performance-enhancing medications, which are illegal in many countries, are used by some athletes.

Essay Types: Sports, Crime, Law, Health




Income, salary, wages, money, livelihood

Essay Sentence:

One-third of India's population earns less than the minimum wage.

Essay Types: Population, Work




Disappointment, doubt, gratitude, opinion

Essay Sentence:

My essay expresses my disagreement with the view points stated in the question statement.

Essay Types: Agree/disagree




Disparity, habits, discrimination, problems, and risk

Essay Sentence:

Most people want to find stable work so they won't have to worry about money in the future.

Essay Types: Employment, Business, Jobs, Salary





Difficulty, opposition, problem, situation

Essay Sentence:

Young children, who are usually addicted to their electronics, have problems with their relationships with others.

Essay Types: Society, Technology, Parenting, The Internet, Relationships.




Ambition, demand, desire, dream, expectation

Essay Sentence:

The rising demand for power will not be fulfilled unless sufficient attention is paid to the promotion of renewable energy supplies.

Essay Types: Nature, Energy, Environment, Government




Advice, guidelines, instructions, patterns, rules

Essay Sentence:

Unlike distance learning, students in schools are required to observe the rules set forth by their teachers.

Essay Types: Education




Demand, electricity, energy, income, power, revenue

Essay Sentence:

Solar panels and wind turbines are two of the most efficient green energy generators.

Essay Types: Energy, Nature, Electricity




Experience, knowledge, opportunity, qualification, attention

Essay Sentence:

The majority of poaching is done for monetary gain all over the world.

Essay Types: Animal Killing, Poaching




Amount, capacity, chances, demand, sales, share, tax

Essay Sentence

In the coming months, the number of Corona cases is projected to rise.

Essay Types: Diseases, health, Pandemic




Ban, deadline, fine, punishment, restriction, tax

Essay Sentence:

The government can help improve public health by prohibiting the sale of tobacco products entirely.

Essay Types: Health, Drug Addiction, Government




Hope, interest, job, opportunity, temper, chance, confidence

Essay Sentence:

After a long period of addiction, most addicts lose interest in life and commit suicide.

Essay Types: Health, Crime, Drug Abuse, Youngsters, Life




Ability, access, choice, growth, unemployment, use

Essay Sentence:

Parents can safeguard their children from cyber-abuse by limiting their access to the internet.

Essay Types: Cybercrime, Parenting, Internet, Technology




Arrangements, decisions, differences, mistakes, noise

Essay Sentence:

The development of a nation relies on a strong decision-making authority.

Essay Types: Nation, Development, Law Enforcement




Deadline, friends, requirements, target, challenge

Essay Sentence

No career ambition can be realised without meeting a deadline.

Essay Types: Career, Job, Business, Employment




Standard of living, interest, momentum, position, quality, balance, relationship, tradition

Essay Sentence:

Unpredictable inflation has made it difficult for people to maintain their quality of living in modern times.

Essay Types: Employment, Market, Business, Poverty, Competition




Choice, help, jobs, money, discounts, service

Essay Sentence:

Unemployment creates compelling circumstances in which job seekers are ready to offer their services for lower wages.

Essay Types: Unemployment, Work, Business, Inflation




Difficulty, challenge, problem, obstacle

Essay Sentence:

The difficulties posed by the problem of pollution can not be overcome unless the government and individuals join hands.

Essay Types: Pollution, Climate Change, Global Warming (Problem-Solution)




Duty, role, experiment, dance, function, ritual, task

Essay Sentence:

It should be made illegal to perform scientific tests on humans that have catastrophic results.

Essay Types: Medical Experiments, Animal Testing, Vaccine Testing




Danger, problem, risk, threat

Essay Sentence:

Pollution is a severe threat to both the environment and life on the planet.

Essay Types: Pollution, Environment, Public Health




 Outcome, result, success, change

Essay Sentence:

Global warming has an easy-to-predict outcome.

Essay Types: Animal Killing, Animal Study




Education, teaching, training, accommodation, service, opportunity, platform

Essay Sentence:

A civilised society can not be formed until all of its members are completely safe from crime.

Essay Types: Society, Crime, Law, Government




Health, change, education, ideas, welfare

Essay Sentence:

Parents should encourage their children to eliminate their dependence on junk foods in order to promote their health.

Essay Types: Health, Food, Parenting, Eating Habits




Budget, cost, crime, demand, pollution, risk, tax, tension

Essay Sentence:

Limiting junk food consumption can assist in lowering the risk of heart disease.

Essay Types: Health, Junk Food, Eating Habits, Lifestyle, Disease




Child, concern, fund, possibility, awareness, price, problem, standard, voice

Essay Sentence:

In light of the current scenario, both government and non-government organisations must step forward to increase awareness of the problem of child labour, child abuse, and women's criminality.

Essay Types: Government, Crime, Child Labour, Crime against Women




Law, wish, privacy, decision

Essay Sentence:

It is the government's responsibility to respect human rights and privacy.

Essay Types: Human Rights, Government




Day, money, time, amount, funds, weekend

Essay Sentence:

The funds allocated to improve the healthcare system should be spent wisely.

Essay Types: Money, Health, Government




Example, target, fire, date, goal, record, task

Essay Sentence:

The rising number of Corona cases is setting new records every day.

Essay Types: Diseases, Health





Crime, problems, difficulties, issues

Essay Sentence:

The government and individuals should join hands to solve the problem of traffic congestion on the roadways.

Essay Types: Traffic Congestion, Government, Problem-Solution Essay




Energy, food, power, water, electricity

Essay Sentence:

Arrangements should be made to ensure that necessary items, such as food, are delivered to the poor in a timely manner.

Essay Types: Starvation, Poverty, Functioning of the Government, Health




Life, economy, city

Essay Sentence:

Modern technology is transforming economies around the globe.

Essay Types: Economy, Job Prospects, Technology, Work




Responsibility, action, chance, breath, risk, role

Essay Sentence:

To solve the issue of a failing health system, immediate action is required.

 Essay Types: Health System, Government




Training, process, surgery, change, treatment

Essay Sentence:

My city has undergone many visible changes during the past few years.

Essay Types: Infrastructure Development




Meaning, problem, process, idea

Essay Sentence:

The world now has a better understanding of the Coronavirus situation.

Essay Types: Health, Pandemics




Power, resources, time

Essay Sentence:

Life will cease to exist on the planet if humans do not learn to utilize natural resources, especially water.

Essay Types: Ecosystem, Climatic Changes

Important Nouns

1. Action + affirmative, appropriate, decisive, legal, political, positive, responsible, tough, urgent

Example: The leaders have agreed on joint action to combat terrorism.

We need to put these ideas into action.

The government must take action immediately to control water pollution.

2. Attention + considerable, full, public, serious, special

Example: Movies with excellent actors and actresses always attract special attention.

3. Ability + artistic, exceptional, intellectual

Example: The school does nothing for children of high ability.

4. Atmosphere + dreadful, easy-going, friendly, hostile, peaceful, political, relaxed, tense, warm

Example: Pesticides can kill wildlife and pollute the atmosphere.

Last night's storm had cleared the atmosphere.

5. Access + direct, easy, equal, immediate, public, unlimited, unrestricted

Example: Men and women should have equal access to education and employment.

6. Advantage + competitive, considerable, distinct, important, main, major, obvious

Example: There may be some advantage in laying down a clearer procedure.

They argue that the possible risks attached to such vaccines vastly outweigh any advantages.

7. Burden + additional, administrative, extra, financial, heavy, intolerable, undue

Example: The administrative burden must be lifted from local government.

8. Behaviour + abnormal, aggressive, disgraceful, general, immature, learned, understandable, usual

Example: Teachers can't always respond effectively to problem behaviour.

Parents can influence the behaviour of their children. 

Animals in zoos often display abnormal behaviour.

9. Child + eldest, grown-up, old, only, small, young, youngest

Example: There are a lot of street children in the poorer parts of the city.

Teaching is particularly difficult when a class contains both slow and bright children.

10. Care + extra, intensive, medical, nursing, personal, primary, special

Example: He loved his books and took special care of them.

Prices of skin care products vary widely from shop to shop.

The government should deeply care about environmental issues.

11. Cause + important, likely, main, major, noble, possible, real, reasonable, underlying, worthy

Example: Smoking is a common cause of premature death.

The real cause of the problem lies in the poor construction of the bridge.

12. Concern + environmental, grave, primary, serious, social

Example: The lack of firefighting equipment has caused concern.

Increased use of drugs is of great concern to parents.

13. Climate + global, harsh, warm

Example: The new policies have created a climate of fear.

The city has a warm climate.

14. Condition + economic, environmental, good, social

Example: He is still in a critical condition in the local hospital.

The experiment is conducted under strictly controlled conditions.

15. Crime + juvenile, serious, violent

Example: Not returning phone calls is a grave crime in today's culture.

Many crimes are never reported to the police.

The public have a crucial role to play in detecting crime. 

16. Country + developed, developing, foreign, industrial, poor, rich, 

Example: He accused the government of leading the country to disaster.

It's difficult to live in a foreign country when you don't speak the language.

17. Diet + balanced, daily, poor, strict, vegetarian

Example: People can fight infection more easily if they have an adequate diet.

18. Demand + great, growing, high, huge, increased

Example: There have been renewed demands for the government to take action to reduce crime.

There's always a great demand for our soups in winter.

19. Disease + contagious, deadly, fatal, incurable, infectious, serious

Example: Chickenpox, mumps, and measles are infectious diseases.

He was diagnosed with an incurable disease.

20. Environment + cultural, economic, pleasant, social

Example: Investors are showing more caution in the current economic environment.

21. Effort + good, great, joint, tremendous

Example:  All the team members have put in a great deal of effort.

It takes constant effort to become fluent in a language.

22. Example + clear, fine, notable, prime

Example: The leaflet includes several examples of bad grammar.

The book is full of practical examples of classroom activities.

23. Growth + economic, rapid

Example: The factory has achieved a steady growth in output.

The economy enjoyed the highest growth rate in Asia. 

Communications technology has proved to be a growth area.

24. Health + good, mental, poor, public

Example: You need to maintain your physical and mental health.

The poisoned food has been removed from the shops and there is no threat to public health.

25. Industry + manufacturing, private, nuclear

Example: John is working to bring about changes in the food industry.

Running down the nuclear industry will result in heavy job losses.

26. Income + extra, high, low, steady

Example: Real income per head of population was at a low point five years ago.

A high income allows people to meet their basic human needs.

27. Issue + complex, economic, environmental, main, political, social

Example: The government must take action immediately to stop the water pollution issue.

They called a meeting to discuss important political issues.

28. Job + demanding, full-time, manual, part-time, regular, temporary

Example: Custodial work and waitressing are definitely dead-end jobs.

He plans to look for a part-time job to earn a little pocket money.

29. Lifestyle + active, comfortable, healthy, lavish, present-day, sedentary

Example: Almost young people these days lives a hectic lifestyle.

We want them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

30. Mistake + costly, serious, terrible

Example: Tom made a serious mistake when deciding to study abroad.

31. Opportunity + economic, educational, rare, unique

Example: For many athletes, the Olympics are the opportunity of a lifetime.

Students should take every opportunity to widen their experience.

32. Occasion + formal, particular

Example: It was the first of many such occasions.

He has even been known to go shopping himself on occasion.

33. Outcome + final, positive, satisfactory, social


34. Problem + major, serious, social

Example: Depression is a natural feeling if your problems seem intractable.

His teachers say he has an attitude problem.

35. Personality + forceful, great, outgoing

Example: He developed a split personality after the crash.

36. Purpose + main, sole, useful

Example:The school was founded with the express purpose of teaching deaf children to speak.

37. Relationship + family, personal, social

Example: They are just in a casual relationship, but they enjoy each other's company.

The school has a very good relationship with the community.

38. Reason + good, major, obvious, personal, possible, real, special, valid

Example: The underlying reasons for these differences will be explored in depth in the next chapter.

The government put forward many valid reasons for not advertising tobacco and alcoholic drinks.

39. Research + historical, recent, scientific

Example: He has carried out extensive research into renewable energy sources.

Most research in the field has concentrated on the effects on children.

40. Role + active, key, major, minor, positive, vital

Example: Every member of staff must have a clear role.

Schools play a vital role in our society.

41. Status + economic, high, marital, social

Example: They argued that the email had no signature and therefore no legal status.

He achieved celebrity status through his role in a popular sitcom.

42. Service + legal, military, social, essential

Example: Essential services (= the supply of water, gas, electricity) will be maintained. 

The government provides her children most essential services.

43. Support + financial, moral, political, social, technical

Example: The plan received strong support from farmers.

the company's generous financial support of the arts

44. Situation + current, dangerous, economic

Example: We are well aware of the problems of our current situation.

I always seem to get into sticky situations on holiday.

45. Sport + competitive, popular, professional

Example: Combat sports such as karate and judo carry with them the risk of injury.

46. Step + important, major

Example: I gasped and took an involuntary step backwards.

We shall take all necessary steps to prevent public disorder.

47. School + elementary, middle, primary, private, pubic, secondary, senior

Example: She attends a special school for children with learning difficulties.

David is about going to a boarding school in England.

48. Society + contemporary, modern, traditional, western

Example: Our throwaway society must be encouraged to recycle.

She was active in the Society for Women's Suffrage.

49. Technology + advanced, digital, medical, modern, new

Example: The company is investing heavily in new technologies.

50. Use + good, industrial, personal, private, regular, wrong

Example: Drug use in this age group is on the increase.

51. Understanding + basic, better, full, mutual

Example: You need to read more widely to gain a proper understanding of the issue.

Some religions have a common understanding of the nature of a divine being.

52. Well-being + economic, emotional, material, mental, physical, psychological, social

Example: Emotional well-being also has a great effect on our physical health.

He finds it difficult to maintain his positive mental well-being from time to time.

53. Year + current, financial, following, previous, recent

Example: Thomas won the award for best actor last year.

The government is planning to call an election before the end of the year.