IELTS Speaking Topics and Answers




IELTS Speaking Topics Part-2 

1 Did Something 

2 A Daily Routine 

3 Air-polluted Place 

4 An actor/actress 

5 A Person Study/Work With 

6 Late For Something 

7 An Advertisement 

8 A Person Inspired You 

9 A Website You Often Visit 

10 A Piece of Good News You Heared 

11 A Noisy Place 

12 Taught Something To Someone 

13 Moved To A New Home 

14 Country You Would Live 

15 An Interesting Old Person 

16 A Piece of Technology 

17 A Historical Period 

18 An Unusual Meal 

19 An Achievement 

20 Complained About 

21 Received A Gift Wanted

22 A Development   

23 Lend Something 

24 A Conversation 

26 A Situation You Enjoyed 

27 A Course Want To Learn 

28 A Movie Character 

29 An English Lesson  

30 A Difficult Thing You Did 

31 A Beautiful Object 

32 Used Smartphone 

33 Learned An Important Thing 

34 Something Made You Happy 

35 A Photo 

36 A Problem While Shopping 

37 Plastic Waste 

38 Searched Information 

39 Person Different Culture 

40 Made A Decision To Wait 

41 Received Money As Gift 

42 A TV Show 

43 A Well-dressed Person 

44 A Person Grow Plants 

45 A Disagreement 

46 A House 

47 A Place For Outdoor Activities 

48 A Nice City 

49 Asked Your Opinion 

50 Missed An Appointment 

51 Busy Time 

52 A Childhood Friend 

53 Shared Something 

54 A Story Or Novel 

55 A Movie 

56 Stuck In Traffic Jam 

57 An Invention 

58 A Family Member 

59 Lake or River 

60 A Traditional Object 

61 Positive Change 

62 Celebrated Special Event 

63 Observed Stars 

64 Vegetable or Crop 

65 Friend Talk With 

66 An Interesting Neighbour 

67 A Competition 

68 A Special Day But Inexpensive 

69 Thing Helps Concentrate 

70 An Activity 

71 Something Saves Time 

72 Important Lost 

73 Learned From Foreign Language 

74 Positive Feedback 

75 A Quiet Place 

76 A Popular Person 

77 Helped A Child 

78 Something Made You Happy 

79 Lost Something 

80 A Creative Person 

81 A Difficult Decision 

82 Something Broken And Repaired 

83 An Ambition 

84 Organised An Event 

85 Received Something Free 

86 An Interesting Famous Person 

87 A Childhood Toy 

88 Moved To New Home 

IELTS Speaking Part-2

IELTS Speaking Topics Part-2 

1 Leisure Activity

2 Interesting Animal

3 A Bag You Want

4 Skill You Can Teach

5 A House or Apartment

6 A crowded Place

7 A Performance

8 Favourite Restaurant

9 A Good Cook

10 A Dish

 11 A festival

12 A Shop

13 Favourite TV Programme

14 A Beautiful Place

15 Favourite Season

16 A website

17 Favourite Singer

18 First Day At School

19 An Environment

20 A Museum

21 Sports Match

22 An Old Person

23 Changed Opinion

24 A Home

25 Childhood Event

26 Family Member

27 Countryside

28 Present/Gift

29 A Game/Sport

30 A Party

31 Helped Someone

32 Foreign Language

33 A Novel

34 Apologized

35 You Got Angry

36 A Happy Event

37 A Foreign Country

38 Important Feature

39 Borrowed Item

40 Best Friend

41 Photograph

42 A Thing You Bought

43 A Short Trip

44 A Polluted Place

45 A Mistake

46 A Difficult Choice

47 A Historical Building

48 A Perfect Job

49 A Park

50 Imagination

51 A Well-dressed Person

52 A Bike/Car Trip

53 A Famous Person

54 A New Accommodation

55 A Childhood Toy

56 A Team Project

57 A Place Near water

58 Meeting Friend

59 A Film 

60 Indoor Game

61 Sleepy

62 New Restaurant

63 Art And craft 

64 Noise

65 Electronic Equipment

66 Meeting a Person

67 Neighbours

68 An Artist

69 Message

70 Challenging Thing

71 Polite Person

72 Saddest Moment

73 An Ambition

74 A Room

75 A Book

76 A Stay

77 A Drink

78 Evening Activity

79 Journey

80 Perfume

81 Happiest Moment

82 Summer

83 A Letter

84 A Vehicle

85 An Item

86 Businessman

87 Item For Home

88 A Device

89 A Website

90 Wait

91 Discussion

92 Visiting A friend

93 A Writer

94 A Child

95 Own Item

96 A Task

97 A River

98 Influence

99 A Goal

100 Unusual Clothes

10 Very common 

IELTS Speaking Part-1 questions:

topics for ielts speaking part-1 

1. What is your name? 

2. Where are you from? 

3. What do you do for a living? 

4. What did you study? 

5. What do you like to do in your spare time? 

6. What kind of music do you like? 

7. What type of books do you read? 

8. What kind of movies do you like to watch?

 9. How often do you travel? 

10. What do you do to stay healthy? 

How can I improve my spoken English?


Grammar is an essential part of speaking English correctly. It helps you to form correct sentences, use the right words and make sure your message is clear and understandable. Grammar also helps to give your sentences a natural flow and structure. Additionally, it helps you to use the right tense, avoid ambiguity, and understand the differences between American and British English. 

Watching Films:

Watching movies can help learn English in a few different ways. First, it can help with learning new vocabulary. Watching a movie allows you to see new words and phrases used in context, which can help you remember them better. Second, it can help with learning grammar. Seeing how the language is used in everyday conversations can help you better understand the rules of grammar. Finally, it can help with pronunciation. Listening to native speakers can help you learn how to pronounce words correctly. 

Solo Conversations:

Solo conversations can be a great way to improve English. By talking to yourself, you can practice your pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure. You can also practice using new vocabulary words and phrases that you learn. Additionally, talking to yourself can help you become more comfortable speaking in English and build up your confidence. Finally, it’s a great way to practice conversations without the pressure of speaking with someone else. 

Constant Practice:

The best method to do IELTS speaking is to practice, practice, practice! Make sure you familiarize yourself with the format of the IELTS speaking test. Listen to recordings of native English speakers and focus on improving your grammar, pronunciation, and fluency. Spend time going over common IELTS speaking topics and practice with a friend or tutor. Finally, focus on speaking in complete sentences and be sure to use a variety of vocabulary and expressions. Good luck! 

IELTS Reading with Answers

The IELTS Speaking test is a short, face-to-face interview between the test taker and an IELTS examiner. It is designed to assess the test taker’s ability to communicate in English. The test is split into three sections, Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3, lasts for a total of 11-14 minutes. The first section (Speaking Part-1) covers general topics such as family, hobbies and interests, while the second section focuses on a particular topic chosen by the examiner. The third section is a two-way discussion on the topic of the second section. The examiner will assess the test taker’s ability to communicate ideas, opinions and feelings in English.