Passenger: Good morning. I'd like to check in for my flight to Paris.

Agent: Good morning. May I have your passport and ticket, please? 

Passenger: Here you go.

Agent: Thank you. How many bags are you checking in today?

Passenger: Just one.

Agent: Okay, please place your bag on the scale.

Passenger: (Places bag on scale)

Agent: Your bag is within the weight limit. Here's your boarding pass. Your flight leaves from Gate 15A and it'll begin boarding at 3:20. Your seat number is 26E.

Passenger: Thanks.

Passenger: (Approaches the gate agent) Excuse me, is this Flight 278 to Paris?

Gate agent: Yes, that's correct. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready.

Passenger: (Hands over boarding pass and ID)

Gate agent: Thank you. Please proceed to the boarding area.

Passenger: (Walks through the boarding area and onto the plane)

Flight attendant: Good afternoon, may I offer you something to drink?

Passenger: Yes, I'd like a glass of orange juice, please.

Flight attendant: Certainly. And would you like something to eat?

Passenger: Yes, I'd like a sandwich, please.

Flight attendant: What kind of sandwich would you like? We have chicken and cheese.

Passenger: I'll have the chicken sandwich, please.

Flight attendant: Coming right up.

(The flight attendant returns with the passenger's drink and sandwich)

Flight attendant: Here you go. Enjoy