Short-sentences Translation

I wake up every morning. 

She is cooking food.

You come here every day. 

He read a book yesterday. 

We are going to Shimla next month. 

His mother cooks food every day. 

I have seen you before.

He is sleeping right now. 

You are not going to school tomorrow. 

We are going to the market quickly. 

He works in the field for an hour every day. 

He has not said anything yet. 

You have made me very happy. 

We have been here for three days.

He has never seen you. 

I had told you. 

His birthday is tomorrow. 

We have been here for many days. 

Why didn't he go to school today? 

You will be here next week. 

He has understood everything. 

Why didn't you talk to me? 

I am reading this book. 

He sang songs all night. 

We are getting ready quickly. 

What are you doing? 

He is waiting for you. 

We have gone there several times. 

We have gone there several times. 

I work a lot every day.

Why weren't you here yesterday?

He has always told the truth. 

She is waiting to meet you. 

We have been here for three hours.

He has never left you.

I have eaten.

How long have you been here?