Short-sentences Translation

Namaste, Raj. How are you?

I am fine, Ravi. And you?

I am also fine. Have you planned anything for your weekend?

Yes, I am going on a picnic with my family.

That is very good. Where are you going?

We are going to a nearby lake. It is very beautiful there.

I also like to go there. When are you going?

We are going tomorrow morning. We will come back by evening.

You will have fun. I should have gone with you.

Yes, you should have come. Why didn't you come?

I had some work to do. I had told you, right?

Yes, you had told me. But your work must have been done.

Yes, my work is done. But I have to do some more work now.

You always keep working. You should also take some rest.

I don't get time to rest. I have to prepare for my exam.

When is your exam?

My exam is next week. I have to study a lot now.

You should study well. I hope you will get good marks.

Thank you, Raj. I hope so too.

Okay, see you later. Goodbye.


I want to change the colour of my room.

What colour do you want to make your room?

I want to make my room blue.

Blue colour is very beautiful. Why do you like blue colour?

I like blue colour because it is the colour of the sky and the sea.

Have you ever seen the sea?

No, I have not got the chance to see the sea.

I have also not got the chance to see the sea. But I want to see the sea.

So let's go to see the sea.

Okay, we will go to see the sea soon.

Which sea will we go to see?

We will go to see the Arabian Sea. It is near India.

So let's make a travel plan to see these places.

Yes, that is a good idea. When and how will we go?

We will go next month. We will go by plane.

We will have to book the flight tickets and the hotel.

Yes, I think we should book online.

Which website do you like to book from?

I like to book from Google Travel. They have very good deals there.

Okay, then let's go to Google Travel and book our trip.

Let's go, see you later. Goodbye.


Ravi, have you booked your trip?

Yes, I have booked my trip. I got very good deals from Google Travel.

I also got very good deals from Google Travel. The same hotel is booked for both of us.

That is very good. We will be able to stay together.

When will our trip start?

Our trip will start on the first date of next month.

How many days will we go for?

We will go for ten days. We will see a new place every two days.

Which places will we see?

We will see Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Bali.

I want to know more about these places.

So let's search about these places on Bing.

Let's go, see you later. Goodbye.


Raj, what have you packed for your trip?

I have packed some clothes, a camera, a map, a diary and a pen for my trip.

What will you write in your diary during your trip? 

I will write about my experiences, thoughts and feelings in my diary during my trip.

I think this is a good way to preserve your memories. 

Yes, I think so too. I like to read and write in my diary.

When did you start your diary?

I started my diary last year. I got a diary as a gift on my birthday.

Who gave you the gift on your birthday?

My sister gave me a diary on my birthday. I liked it very much.

My sister gave me a diary on my birthday. I liked it very much.

What is your sister's name?

My sister's name is Rita. She is two years younger than me.

What does your sister do?

My sister studies in a college. She is doing engineering.

Which engineering is she doing?

She is doing computer engineering. She loves computers very much.