Do you work or study? 

I'm currently focused on my studies. 

What are you studying? 

I'm dedicating my time to learning English. It's a language that holds significant global importance, allowing me to connect with a broader audience and assist people with language-related tasks. 

Additionally, English plays a dominant role in various fields such as business, academia, and technology, offering ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

What was your favorite subject as a child? 

As a child, my favorite subject was always math. I enjoyed the thrill of overcoming challenges and the satisfaction that came with finding solutions. 

What is your favorite subject now? 

Currently, my favorite subject is English. I love the creative expression it offers and the exploration of different writing forms. 

Delving into the history of literature also provides me with a deeper understanding of the world around me. 

Why did you choose that subject? 

I chose to study English because of its crucial role in my success. Expressing myself in English has always been a goal, allowing me to connect with people from diverse cultures. 

The flexibility of the language enables me to read, write, and communicate effectively in various situations, opening up a world of possibilities for me. 

Did you go to a co-educational school? 

No, I attended a single-gender school to create a more focused study environment. Without distractions from the opposite sex, I could concentrate more effectively on my studies and avoid potential disruptions. 

Do you describe yourself as a good student? 

I consider myself a diligent student. I prioritize putting in my best effort, maintaining organizational skills, and staying motivated to achieve my academic goals. 

What do you like about your study? 

I appreciate the flexibility to work at my own pace and schedule my studies around other commitments. 

It allows me to expand my knowledge beyond the classroom curriculum. 

Who was your favorite teacher? 

Mrs. Pinki, my sixth-grade language arts teacher, was one of my favorites. Her positive attitude, encouragement, and engaging teaching style made learning enjoyable. Her patience and understanding also left a lasting impression. 

What do you dislike about your study? 

I'm not fond of the extensive studying and the challenge of staying informed about everything in my classes. Additionally, the online format of some classes limits my interaction with professors compared to a traditional classroom setting.