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 Buddha's Secret

Once upon a time, Buddha and his disciples  were walking from town to town. One day, they stopped by a lake for a break. Buddha felt thirsty and asked a disciple to get him water from the lake.

The disciple went to the lake, but it was muddy because people were washing clothes and a bull-cart had crossed it. He thought it wasn't good for Buddha to drink. He went back and told Buddha, "The water is dirty, not good to drink."

Buddha said, "Let's rest under this tree." After a while, Buddha asked the disciple again to get water. The disciple went and saw the water was clear now. The mud had settled at the bottom. 

He brought the clear water to Buddha. Buddha said, "Look, time passed, and the water became still. The mud settled on its own. No effort was needed."

Buddha meant that sometimes, when things are not right, you need to give it time. Just like water becomes clear when left alone, problems can settle down on their own.

Buddha's lesson is like when a friend is upset without a reason. Instead of getting upset, give them time. Just like the water and mud, things will settle, and your friend will be okay again. Be patient and let things be.