IELTS Reading

Important instructions to achieve


IELTS Reading Introduction

The IELTS Reading module/section/test consists of three paragraphs, each of which has a time limit of 60 minutes. To finish the test in the allotted time, you should spend no more than 20 minutes on each passage. This section contains 40 questions, each worth one point, with no negative marking for incorrect answers. The questions are divided into different types, which are detailed lower down the page. Please double-check your spellings, since an inaccurate spelling will result in an inaccurate response.

1. Question: Does the reading test come first.

Answer: No, the listening test comes first. The reading test comes second.

2. Questions: What should I use to write my answers on the answer sheet, pen or pencil?

Answer: Pencil

3. Question: Will I get extra 10 minutes to transfer my answers to the answer sheet?

Answer: No, you will not be given extra time to transfer your answers.

4. Question: Will I lose points if my answer is incorrect.

Answer: No, there is no deduction for incorrect replies.

5. Question: Is it ok if I leave any question unanswered?

Answer: No, you must guess the answer.

6. Question: How is a spelling mistake treated?

Answer: As incorrect answer.

7. Questions: Can I take loosly follow the instructions?

Answer: No, you must strictly adhere to the given instructions.

8. Questions: How many sections are there in IELTS Academic Reading?

Answer: 3 Sections

9. Question: Average number of questions in each section?

Answer: 13 or 14 questions

10. Questions: The toal number of questions in all sections?

Answer: 40 questions

11. Questions: How many words usually are in all sections?

Answer: Around 2,500.

12. Question: What will be in each section?

Answer: A long text with 11 to 14 questions below it.

13. Question: What kind of text will it be?

Answer: In the form of academic passages on topics of general interest from magazine, books, journals, and newspapers.

14. Question: How many words should I be able to read in one minutes?

Answer: Around 170 words

15. Question: How can read so many words in one minute?

Answer: Learn to skim and scan the text.

16. Question: What is skimming?

Answer: It is a reading strategy which helps you read a text quickly and develop and overview.

17. Question: How can I do this?

Answer: Use rapid eye movement. Do not stay focused at one point, keep moving your eyes to read further and some time back and forth.

18. Question: What is scanning?

Answer: Finding specific fact without reading.

19. Question: How can I find specific information without reading?

Answer: Through key words:

Years (2021)

Dates (27/05/21)

Proper Nouns (Vishal, Yamunanagar, Robert, London, Haryana)

Question: Skimming and Scanning are enough to score high.

Answer: False, a wide range of vocabular with synonyms and antonyms is equally important.

20. Question: What are IELTS Reading question types?


1. Table Completion

2. Note Completion

3. Summary Completion

4. Completion Tasks

5. Sentence Completion

6. Short Answer Questions

7. Multiple-Choice Questions

8. Flow-Chart Completion

9. Classification Type

10. Matching Sentence Endings

11. Yes, No, Not Given Questions

12. True, False, Not Given Questions

13. Matching Headings

14. Matching Information to Paragraphs