IELTS Writing Task 1 Sample Answer



77. The diagram illustrates how steel rods are manufactured in the furniture industry.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

 The diagram illustrates how steel rods are manufactured in the furniture industry.

Sample Answer 1

The provided diagram illustrates the production process of steel rods within the furniture manufacturing sector.

In its entirety, the process encompasses eleven distinct stages, commencing with the acquisition of raw materials and culminating in the meticulous examination of such materials.

Initially, the raw material undergoes a process of melting within the slit, occurring at a temperature range of 1300–1500 °C. Subsequently, the material is transported to the smelting cabin in order to undergo the refining process.

Subsequently, the molten substance is transformed into a solid ingot with the introduction of incandescent metal. Subsequently, the metal is sent via nozzles in order to undergo a cooling process, resulting in a temperature range of 60–100 °C within the strands. By adhering to this procedure, the metal undergoes a series of rolling and heating operations. After undergoing surface measurement, the material is subsequently sent to the cutting process, where the rods are severed from the metal. Subsequently, the rods undergo a stamping process, and upon completion of the inspection, they are prepared for use.

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 The diagram illustrates how steel rods are manufactured in the furniture industry.

Sample Answer 2

Band 6

                       The given diagram depicts the manufacturing process of steel rods in the furniture industry.

                 Overall, it consists of eleven stages, beginning with the raw material and ending up with the inspection of the material.

              First of all, the raw material is melting in the slit at a temperature of between 1300-1500°c. Then the material is taken to the smelting cabin for the refinery.

            After that, it is poured into an ingot by adding candescent metal. Then, the metal goes through nozzles to cool to a temperature (60-100°c) in the strands. By following this, the metal goes through the rolling and heating process. Once it is measured in the surface check, it is then taken to the cutter to cut the rods from the metal. The next step is that the rods are taken for stamping and, finally, when the inspection is done, the rods are ready for use.

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